Areas of focus


Join Now ->

  1. Select the membership you are wanting to sign up for.
  2. Once you put in your email, if you’ve participated in a program or have had a membership in the past, it will recognize if you already have an email on file. If you have an email on file, you will have to verify your account if you have not done so already. If you are brand new to the Y, you will need to fill out the information and your log-in will be the email and password you entered on the information page.
  3. Continue filling out your basic information.
  4. Once you complete the information, you will see what you will be charged that day. If you selected the monthly bank draft, you will have a pro-rated fee and the joiner fee due at sign up then on the 15th, your membership will draft the correct full amount.
  5. Once you pay the balance, you are an active YMCA member! The only thing left is having the front desk make your membership cards the next time you’re in our facility.
  6. If you know you’re in our system and the email you put in isn’t registering, it probably doesn’t match the one we have on file so please contact our front desk if need to update your email in our system.