Areas of focus

Membership Policies


All membership related questions should be directed to Tamatha Shell, Association Member Service Director,  (740)654-0616 ext. 249


Staff has the authority to suspend a member for conduct or actions which disregard the stated purposes or policies of the Family Y. Children or adults may be suspended or terminated for disciplinary problems or violation of rules. A suspension or termination may be appealed to the Membership/Program Committee.


The Family Y reserves the right to terminate a membership at “No Refund” for any member who fails to comply with established rules, policies, postings, and behavior not considered reasonable.

Medical Freeze

The Family Y understands that due to extended illness or physical disabilities, some special arrangements may be necessary. These persons must contact the Membership Department. This freeze will begin with written notification from the member, turning in his/her membership card(s), and a medical verification. Medical freezes will not be retroactive. The Family Y will establish a time limit to the freeze. Please note: The Family Y cannot freeze one member of a “Family” membership.

Extended Leave

Please see the Membership Department if you are temporarily traveling out of state for an extensive time period. An extension of membership may be provided with proper documentation.

Guest Policy

Members may bring a guest each time they visit. Payment of a guest fee is required per guest upon check in at the Welcome Center. Members may have up to two guests per visit. Members are responsible for their guests while they are in the building.