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Better Together Membership


The Better Together  Membership Type is a rewards program that benefits both current and new members by allowing a 20% discount on membership fees as long as all participants remain members of the Family YMCA of Lancaster and Fairfield County.

A current member of the Family YMCA of Lancaster and Fairfield County will receive 20% off their membership fees if they secure a new member. The new member, will also receive 20% off their membership fees. Fees remain at the discount rate as long as both parties memberships remain in good standing. Any current member who pays standard membership dues through the monthly bank draft are eligible.

Two new members may sign up together and both receive 20% off membership fees as long as both memberships remain in good standing.  A new member is someone that has not been a member of the Robert K. Fox Family YMCA in the last 90 days.

No catch, this program allows us to reward our loyal members and at the same time attract new members. You are our best form of marketing!


  • What happens if my Better Together Buddy quits? If a buddy terminates in either category, the remaining buddy has 30 days to find a new partner. If this does not happen, the remaining buddy’s membership fees will automatically revert to the standard published fees. However, you can always sign back up if and when you locate a new buddy.
  • Are there any membership types that cannot participate? Yes, to participate in the Better Together program, you cannot be receiving any other membership discount and you must be on the bank draft form of payment. Youth and Teen memberships are excluded.
  • Can Silver Sneaker or other heath care members participate? No, because health care members do not pay published fees, they are not eligible.
  • What about corporate partners? Corporate Partners should contact Jason Boothe at to discuss the corporate portion of the program.
  • How soon does the reduced rate go into effect? The new rate will be scheduled for the next upcoming bank draft.

I’m ready, what’s next? Read on and see how to sign-up and get started

  • I’m a member and I am ready to sign up a buddy.
    Great, at this time, all Better Together memberships must be done on-site to ensure proper verification of the current member. You will be asked to complete a “Better Together” application along with the standard membership application. Once we have the paperwork, you will be off and running. Remember, your new buddy cannot have been a member at the Robert K. Fox Family YMCA in the last 90 days. Your buddy will be entered in the system separately, so we will need banking or credit card information at the time of sign-up.
  • We are 2 new members who have not been members within the last 90 days.
    Wonderful, we are ready for you. If you are both new members, we would ask that you stop in and complete the paperwork verifying that you are entering into the Better Together Membership. Each member will be entered separately, so we will need payment information for both new members. You may pay by monthly bank draft or by monthly credit card payments. A little paperwork, and you will be all set on your YMCA journey.

You may sign up for your Better Together Membership at the Robert K. Fox Family YMCA on 6th Avenue or at the River Valley Campus on Memorial Drive. Your membership is active at both locations. Regular joiner fees and pro-rated fees apply at sign up.

Statistics show that you are 95% more likely to achieve your goals with a friend and a support system.