Areas of focus

Wellness Center


The Wellness Center, initially opened in September 2001 in partnership with Fairfield Medical Center, is a facility with the equipment and the staff to address the physical health needs of individuals.


The YMCA supervises member usage in the Wellness Center by showing them how to use equipment and maintaining cleanliness. Equipment orientations are offered free of charge to members by appointment with YMCA staff. To start the process, fill out a request form and return it to Welcome Center staff. These forms are attached to the membership application packet. Additional forms are available at the desk in the Wellness Center. Personal trainers are available to customize individual workouts.


Equipment includes 49 cardiovascular machines, 28 selectorized strength machines, 24 pieces for free weight strengthening, 2 ab solos, and 2 stretching machines. Dumbbells up to 125 pounds and several accessory pieces (straps, belts, bars, bands, balls, etc.) compliment the training routine. The perimeter of the Wellness Center is surrounded by a track (13 laps to one mile) for walking or running and stretching areas.


Other features include the Mobile Fit internet based exercise programming, magazines and holders, television access via your own fm receiver unit, file cabinet for workout charts, cubbies for storage, coat rack and restrooms


In an effort to be user friendly, this facility is accessible any time the YMCA is open for business. There is no sign-in sheet and no equipment reservations – just start right in! Feel free to ask any YMCA staff if you need assistance. Simple rules are posted for your information and safety in the Wellness Center.


Wellness Center Bulletin Board

As a reminder, stop by and look at our bulletin board located on the wall adjacent to the elevator. Not only do you see business advertisements, but also information about new classes, class changes, special events, humor, and more. At the bottom are holders for flyers and brochures that might be of interest to you.




We provide sanitizer  wipes as a way to fight the battle against germs, colds and the flu. Please spray off vinyl pads, handle grips and other parts touched. On cardio consoles, do not spray cleaner directly, but spray a towel and then wipe off. Thanks for your cooperation!