Areas of focus

Wellness Center Guidelines


We have three posters showing our requested code of conduct. They are as follows:

Members must be 13+ years old to exercise with equipment unless they have completed the YMCA Pre-teen Weight Lifting and Exercise class with a parent.

  • Return equipment to its proper storage area.
  • Lower dumbbells to the floor with care-avoid throwing and slamming weights.
  • Wear tennis shoes-no sandals or open toed footwear.
  • Avoid profane language and profane messages on apparel.
  • Store coats and bags on racks provided.
  • Eat food items at appropriate places in the YMCA other than the Wellness Center.
  • Sport an attitude of courtesy, cooperation and respect to others in the exercise area.
  • Avoid inappropriate behavior and hanging out.

Dumbbell Usage:

We continue to request that members exercising with dumbbells please not drop them on the floor. Much damage occurs upon landing. The matting gets cut up, bolts on the dumbbells snap, benches get ripped and broken, etc. Please take care.

Also, when exercising with them please stand away from the racks so other members can access other dumbbells. Finally, when you are all through using the dumbbells return them to the rack. Thanks for your cooperation