Areas of focus

Staff and Directors


Administrative & Support Staff

Name Number Title
Howard Long Ext. 248 Chief Executive Officer
Kerry Sheets Ext. 241 Chief Financial Officer
Kim Leitnaker Ext. 234 HR Director
Cole Reinschell Ext. 245 Financial Administrator
Annie Weaver Ext. 234 Membership Director
Tamatha Shell Ext. 271 Assistant Membership Director
Susie Birdwell Ext. 247 Senior Wellness Director
Stacy McQueary Ext. 239 Aquatics Director
Tracie Watters-Sharp Ext. 231 Director of Housekeeping
Kimberly Crosby Ext. 244 Assistant Childcare Director
Jenna & Nancy Ext. 243 Childcare Billing Office

Board of Directors

Todd DeOgburn- President

Sheila Heath- Vice President

Kari James – Treasurer

Carrie Brown- Secretary

Mark Bohach       Art Gardella     Diana Gugel    Tom Theller

Jim Sigafoose     Robert Huffman     Chrissy Kittle     Donna Stalter

Michala Stewart        Melissa Tremblay     Paul Hensley    Susan Marque