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Online Program Registration

Register now for programs ->

Register now for memberships ->

With the addition of online services, Members and non-members now have access to register for programs, view registrations, pay balances, view scan history, and more.

1. Click “login” in the upper-right corner.

2. If you’re a member, former member, or have registered for a class before, click “Find Account”. 

3. Input your information and click “Submit”.

4. Submit your email.

*Note – If your address, email, and other personal info are not updated in our system, you will not be able to find your account. If you need to update your information or are new to the YMCA and need to be added as a non-member, please visit the front desk or call in  at 740-654-0616 option 0.

5. You will then have to open your email that’s on file and verify your account.

6. Once your account is verified, you will create a password and login.

7. Now that your account is complete, you can now sign up for a membership online.

*Note – Not every program we offer will be listed. Programs that require paperwork such as swim team, gym team, and t-ball will still need to be registered for at the front desk. Once the initial registration is complete, then you will be able to make payments on that balance online.

Childcare online payments are able to be made online. Initial fees and sign ups will be at the front desk.