Areas of focus

Our History

On October 1, 1913 the Lancaster YWCA was organized and fourteen years later, in 1927, a group
founded the Fairfield County YMCA. In 1951, the first joint meeting of the YMCA and YWCA was
held with joint trustees building fund being formed in 1953. In 1960, after a successful capital
campaign, the YMCA and YWCA opened for business in the same building. In 1976, nearly $800,000
was raised and a new gymnasium, pool observation, childcare, women’s fitness center, judo room
and two racquetball courts were added.

On March 1, 1985 the YMCA & YWCA consolidated into the Family Y of Lancaster & Fairfield County.
A twenty-four member Board of Directors (twelve men and twelve men) was established as the
policy-making body. To fund necessary repairs, childcare & other renovations, as well as a
nautilus room, the Family Y borrowed $300,000 in 1986. With the building still in a state of
disrepair, the Family Y raised over $840,000 in 1991 to complete major repairs and renovations.

In June of 1998, the Family Y kicked off a $3.5 million campaign to expand the facility.
Dr. Robert K. Fox gave a lead gift of $1.5 million. While the Y successfully raised over $3.5
million, the cost of the expansion exceeded $6 million. The building opened in September 2001
and later that fall the Y secured a $1.8 million loan to cover the shortfall. In July 2003, the
debt was changed from a conventional loan to bond financing which allowed for a lower interest
rate and more money to be applied toward the principle.

Since the expansion in 2001, the Family Y has continued expanding its programs to help
spread Christian principles. At the Family Y we believe that our knowledgeable staff uses
all our programs to help members and participants build a healthy spirit, mind and body.
In addition, our key partnerships with the United Way of Fairfield County and Fairfield Medical
Center allow the Family Y to do our part in the community to build strong kids, strong families
and strong communities.