Areas of focus


About the YMCA

The YMCA is something that has lasted in this world where so much comes and goes so quickly. It is stable, value-based, professionally managed, in touch with public sentiment and capable of meeting the changing conditions and needs of the future.

The YMCA is a gift that we have received that was already here when we were born. It is a gift that we should give to those yet to be born to perpetuate values that really matter. Those values include caring, honesty, respect and responsibility which are found in our YMCA programs.

Nearly 20 individuals/families have made a lasting commitment to the Family Y as members of the Legacy Builders. As you may know, the nation’s tax laws provide incentives that encourage this type of giving in recognition of the singular role charitable organizations play in meeting important needs in our society. Planned giving can be beneficial to the giver and to the organization such as the Family Y. If you want to make the YMCA a part of your future through giving, please contact the Executive Director. The YMCA can work with you to ensure future generations of children and families will enjoy the benefits of the Family Y.

A legendary football coach said you can never pay back but “you can pay forward”. If this is something you want to share please contact the Family Y.

Bob Urig
Financial Development Chair